Wednesday, 20 October 2010

CYKAS turbans at DAS show

Getting propped up and set to run the show.

Say Cheese.

 Hind Beljaflah from the DAS sisters.

 Makeup RUSH.
 Turban fitting.
 Wardrobe mania.
 Thanks M for being the GREATEST volunteeer! while looking tres chic.
 & its a wrap, AMAZING show..

Kris fade supporting CYKAS, so can you?

DAS fashion show was absolutley amazing, CYKAS was thrilled to be working with the DAS team and altogether it made an astonishing show, the beautiful detailed abaya's with fine embroidery and sequence, introducing the high-pad shoulders were breathtaking, CYKAS turbans added the cherry on top to the daring outfits, fit for any occasion! The turbans work great with any hairstyle, and not to mention extra comfy on the head!
We hope you enjoyed the show as much as we did, stay tuned for more designs!

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